John D. Wiltshire-Gordon

For the academic year 2020-2021, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Williams College. Previously, I was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Wisconsin, Madison working with Jordan Ellenberg. Fall of 2016 I was a post-doc at ICERM. I have accepted a non-academic job. Here is my CV.

I study the representation theory of categories with applications in algebraic topology. I like configuration spaces, category theory, and computer algebra.

The prototypical situation: a category C acts on a collection of spaces X_c by transformations, and so the induced maps on homology form a C-module. My thesis, completed in 2016 at the University of Michigan under David Speyer, gives theory and algorithms for working with C-modules. I explain how to write a C-module using a presentation matrix and how to use that matrix to compute numbers associated to the module.


  • ExactCouples -- spectral sequences by Massey's method of exact couples; a Macaulay2 package
  • Papers

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    In preparation

    1. Configuration spaces of axis-aligned boxes. In preparation. (with Maya Banks)


    1. On the tails of FI-modules. September 2019. (with Peter Patzt)
    2. Configuration space of a product. August 2018.
    3. Algebraic structures on cohomology of configuration spaces of manifolds with flows. August 2015. (with Jordan S. Ellenberg)
    4. Uniformly Presented Vector Spaces. June 2014.


    1. On computing the eventual behavior of an FI-module over the rational numbers. Math. Comp. 89 (2020), no. 326, 2985--3001.
    2. Models for Configuration Space in a Simplicial Complex. Colloq. Math., 155(1):127–139, 2019.
    3. Specht Polytopes and Specht Matroids. January 2017. (with Alexander Woo and Magdalena Zajaczkowska) Combinatorial algebraic geometry, 201–228, Fields Inst. Commun.
    4. Categories of Dimension Zero. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 147 (2019), pp. 35-50.
    5. Robust coin flipping. Advances in cryptology—EUROCRYPT 2012, 172–194, Lecture Notes in Comput. Sci., 7237, Springer, Heidelberg, 2012. (with Gene S. Kopp)

    Unpublished notes

    1. Word-Induced Measures on Compact Groups. February 2011. (with Gene S. Kopp)


    1. November 5, 2019. Boston, MA. Northeastern University Topology Seminar
    2. October 8, 2019. Ithaca, NY. Cornell U. topology seminar
    3. July 1, 2019. Berkeley, CA. Representation Stability Summer School
    4. April 28, 2019. Chicago, IL. Midwest Representation Stability Research Meeting
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    13. March 26, 2018. Indianapolis, IN. IUPUI Topology Seminar
    14. January 17, 2018. Oberwolfach, Germany. MFO workshop on Topology of Arrangements and Representation Stability. Slides
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    20. July 1, 2016. San Jose, CA. AIM workshop on Representation Stability.
    21. April 6, 2016. Banff, AB. BIRS workshop on Free Resolutions, Representations, and Asymptotic Algebra. Slides Video
    22. December 4, 2015. Cambridge, MA. MIT Infinite-Dimensional Algebra Seminar.
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    34. April 16, 2012. Cambridge, United Kingdom. EUROCRYPT 2012. YouTube